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Does your life lack meaning? Have you lost your zest for life? Is your health and vitality less than it could be? It was for me too! In fact, my life was a disaster.

I have found the way back. and it is my privilege and joy to guide you to the life of purpose, passion and lasting happiness that awaits you!


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Empowering Life with Purpose, Passion and Joy. Available now at Balboa Press, Amazon and B&N. Read more about it here.

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A beginners guide to unlocking the powers and beauty of stillness through the practice of meditation. Available on Amazon.

Latest Magazine Article

Read my feature article “When I Cease To Be” on page 17 in the September issue of Simran Singh’s magazine 11:11 as well as see some of my art, throughout and including the cover!

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I’m Back – For the First Time!

I have been silent for a while. I apologize if this has concerned you, it is something I had to do. In my stepping back into the silence I have had an immense awakening, and so I am eternally thankful for the events that led to my going within. Those events at first...

Are You Aging or Getting Old?

What is the difference between aging and getting old?   Mindset. Period. The body can do nothing without direction from the mind. You cannot move your finger, pulse your heart, take a breath, or any bodily function without mind initializing it. The vast majority of...