I just heard a new take on the Christmas story that so moved me I am compelled to share it with you.

This perspective focuses on the innkeeper. Very interesting already right? In the Christmas story the innkeeper is mentioned only once and briefly. As related to us in the Bible, Joseph after a weary day of traveling with his pregnant wife is now, late at night searching for a place to stay. He comes to the door of the inn in Bethlehem and knocks. In this day and time inns did not offer twenty-four hour service.

The innkeeper opens the door and Joseph asks for a room. The innkeeper replies that there is no room in the inn, he can however sleep in the barn. Joseph with no other option accepts. This is the best he can do for his beloved.
In this we are asked to explore the concept that everything, every situation in the Bible has a connection relevant to us personally today, in our lives, where we are at any given moment.
The innkeeper’s perspective has a relevance to our life now.

Joseph’s perspective, Mary’s, the wise-men, the shepherds, Christ’s; all involved in this story has a perspective or experience with a direct lesson for us to contemplate and learn from.

From the metaphysical view, what does the innkeeper have to do with anything? The innkeeper guards the door, allowing only those who he decides upon to enter. In our consciousness we have an innkeeper who decides on which thoughts/ideas may enter into our conscious awareness.

This is a very critical role that perhaps you have never considered in this Christmas story kind of way. Whether consciously or un-consciously we are always deciding what thoughts and ideas may enter into our mind. We are always deciding which ones may enter and stay, enter and go, or no entrance at all. Hence; there is no room, you may sleep in the barn.

This process is what determines the course of our life. Left to unconsciousness this process automatically assumes the path of least resistance. Allow no new thoughts, keep the status quo, hold on to the thoughts you have always had. The inn is full. This means your life will never change for the better. You will actually cosign yourself to regression as all Creation is constantly progressing. If you do not command your innkeeper to allow new guest’s to enter to allow you to progress along with Creation, you will fall behind, and this can only mean a life of less than what it can be.

What role is The Christ? Christ-Jesus is the new idea. The new idea that has transformed the world as we know it. Pushing us, cajoling us, to think anew.

Joseph the father assuming responsibility to do what must be done.

Mary the mother giving birth to a new thought, a new reality. Mary, bravely saying yes. Seeing past the pain and uncertainty of childbirth to a new life. A life full of promise. Mary saying yes to the birthing experience filled with pain, messy, smelly, and filled with uncertainty about how it will all turn out, Mary even with all of this still says “yes,” she pushes through the hardship of the moment, filled with a faith and a certainty that it will be worth it.

She has a faith that it will be better than before. I invite you to view faith as the most powerful tool you have. Not blind faith, but a faith of taking action steps forward, (pushing) ever aware looking for evidence that you are indeed going in the right direction. If you discover you’re not on the right path you allow a new thought, and then once again take the next step in faith. Uncertain, but with faith that you are being led by a knowledge that has a far wider view of your life than you do.

Some people look at others who seem to have magical lives, calling them lucky. I believe luck is a matter of preparation intersecting with opportunity. You do all you can to prepare, and then be vigilant for the opportunities that are passing everyone by. With your preparation you are able to reach out and grab ahold of opportunity disguised as luck.

This is the same for all who will command the innkeeper to entertain a new thought. When we do invite a new way of thinking to enter our mind, it is painful. It means we must let go of the thoughts we have become comfortable with, and this most often will be painful, smelly, messy, and full of uncertainty. Yet this is the path of growth. We are not asked if we like the way, we are only told that in order to grow, this is the process. A law of Creation is that any life that stops growing immediately begins dying.

The payoff for the pain and uncertainty of instructing our innkeeper to allow a new thought is a life fulfilled.

Jesus/Christ (new thought) came that we may live abundantly. Life pressed down and overflowing, with excitement, enthusiasm, joy, love, inner peace, and the fulfilling of purpose. And, yes pain too. However far less pain than a life of stagnation, which is actually a life of regression. That is a life I knew all too well, and to put it bluntly it sucked.

Today I revel in allowing the gate to my consciousness to remain open at all times. This allows me to retain what I find value in and to let go of that that does not serve me or you.

I enthusiastically invite you to at least entertain the idea of allowing a new idea to enter you.
Live Christmas every moment. Allow the Christ (new-thought) to indwell your mind that you may live life abundantly, pressed down, overflowing with joy, peace, and Love. In short a life worth living. Give your innkeeper a new command. Say “yes” to a new way of thinking. Allow a new guest to enter, there is always room in the inn.light in hands - pray the crucifix in darkness
Peace, I love you.

If you know someone this will help, please share it with them.