girl sits in a depression on the floor near the wallAs my life evolves I find myself heading in directions I had never considered. Well, until I did. I believe that the most important factor in bringing about a new life-new adventures-new passion, in effect being born again, is to have a mind that is wide open to everything and attached to no-thing.

Being receptive to a new way of thinking is essentially what has brought about all of the changes in human history. This open mindset is what has brought us from living in caves to the ability to map the human genome, from the only mode of transportation being walking to going to the moon and beyond.

If you look at the home page of my website, at the bottom is written;

I am all about living life at the highest level and my greatest desire is for you to join me.

I have, and am making a study of why my life was so disastrously miserable for so long, as well as studying the lives of others, both those who are unhappy and the lives of those who excel at living lives fulfilled.

The one common factor that seems to be present in everyone is either having a mind that is closed or open to allowing new ideas and ways of thinking, or allowing new thought patterns to enter into their mind, or not.Traveling explorer observes nature from a luggage
Going back a few years to Christopher Columbus and his quest to prove the world was round, he somehow managed to convince Queen Isabella to give him three ships. The one factor that many are unaware of is that these ships were ready for the scrap heap. There was no way she was going to grant him three sea worthy ships for this fools errand. And the only men that could be found to crew his ships were prisoners. I’m not sure if they were forced into it or if they had a choice in the matter, but thinking on how conditions in a prison at that time in history must have been, I think many may have thought it better to enjoy freedom and fresh air until they sailed off the edge of the world than to perish in prison.

Aristotle was invited to drink poison because he would not recant his views that flew in the face of Greek beliefs. Being the man of honor he did so because that was Greek law at the time.

There is the precept that all new radical ideas follow the same trajectory. First the new idea is met with distrust and criticism, then violent rejection, and finally acceptance. We now know the world is indeed round, and that all of Aristotle’s ideas that brought about his death are accepted as truth.

This is a critical process to understand in our personal development. Most of us stay stuck and unhappy because we will never venture past the first or second stage of a new idea taking root.

To enter into a new and wondrous life requires us to see past the distrust and even violent rejection of new thoughts. We must embrace a mindset of interrogating our thoughts and beliefs to find out which ones will stand up to the scrutiny of providing proof of their truth. When we do so, we will if we allow our minds to be open be pleasantly surprised to find that most will crumble and disappear making room for new thoughts that will in turn bring about a higher quality of life. New adventures-new enthusiasm- new excitement- and a better world to live in for you as an individual and the world as a whole, are wrought by way of new thinking.

Let me ask you this. What have you got to lose? If your new thought system does not work the old system can be reinstated. Of course it is easier to stay stuck and to remain unhappy than to venture out into the unknown. At least it is to the mindset that embraces the current system that has you stuck and unhappy. All the while your spirit knows that to embrace new and creative ways to think and believe will set you free and is actually the easier path. Why? Because this is your true nature. When you allow your mind to be open and creative and brave, your mind sprouts wings of eagles and you/your mind/your life begins to soar with a new freedom.

So for this New Year perhaps your resolution should be nothing more than to adopt a new mindset of questioning the beliefs you have long held. Ask; is this thought or belief actually true? Your mind will of course say “yes.” But that is just because you have believed it. Then ask your mind for proof. Require your mind to provide validity or to be gone for that thought and belief that may be keeping you from the life you desire and deserve.Young handsome victorious guy

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