girl sits in a depression on the floor near the wallDo you find yourself stuck?
Are you not getting the results in life you desire?
Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with daily concerns that keep you bound to a life of unhappiness, because you are too busy to be able to take the necessary steps that will allow you to break out into the life of your dreams?
It’s just a story.
For too long I lived that life. I was completely unhappy, and overwhelmed. I believed I was doomed to a life of unhappiness, working at jobs of low pay, greatly unsatisfying in nature that seemed to just suck the life right out of me.
I had spent my youth and middle years consumed in destroying my life in drug addiction, rather than trying to build or establish an enjoyable and profitable source of income.
In my mid-forties I began a life of sobriety, but believed it to be too late to start anew. After all I wasn’t twenty. So I just plodded along, trying, with only fleeting moments of being okay with my life situation.
Mostly I was unhappy, and stuck, thinking there was little I could do to change things.
It’s just a story. One I believed, none the less, it is just a story.
I have since learned and now joyously embrace this fact. It just being a story, meaning it is not fact, has opened the door to a life of wondrous joy, and excitement at waking every day once again. I know today that if I don’t like the story it is within me to change it, to one I do like. This is waking to the personal power that is in us all. I am shockingly powerful, thank you for asking! And so are you!
Being created in the likeness of your creator, means you are a creator, whether you want to be or are aware of it or not, is not up to you to decide. In unawareness, or unaccepting of this unchangeable fact, you will certainly create a life of less than what you would like.

In awareness this becomes the most powerful knowledge you can have, and opens the door to heaven on earth.

It doesn’t mean it will be easy, that a new story of my liking will be laid at my doorstep. It simply means it is there to be had if I am willing to, believe, and learn, and do what is necessary to attain my new story.
In the end, or rather in the beginning, it comes down to belief. It comes down to which story I choose to believe. If you will search you will find history littered with souls who refused to believe the story the physical world was presenting them, and instead chose to write their own story. These people chose to rewrite their personal history into one of their choosing.
These souls understand they are in every moment creating their story, and have the ability to alter it at will. You have this same power. You are in every moment creating your story.
If currently your story is one of hardship, suffering, and misery, this is an objectionable concept to accept. It certainly was for me. Yet if you can open the door to this possibly being true, it will open the door to a new and wonder-filled life for you. When you accept you are creating your life always, you come to know, you can change it at will. You can change every adverse circumstance into one that works for you rather than against you. When you do that it can no longer be viewed as an adverse circumstance. Now it becomes a tool to help you rather than hurt you.
Your entire journey on this planet is a story. Make it one you like. It is in you to do so.Global business