I saw more change in my 13 year old son after one session with Steve than in all his sessions with traditional therapist.

~Christina H.

As I worked with Steve, he asked many great questions that brought insight and awareness. Yet his key question “Are you happy?” kept running through my mind.
I would “think” that what I was “doing” made me happy, yet it was a list of “accomplishments” that really brought a sense of “achievement ” not real happiness.
In working with Steve, I have found the steps that I continue to take, that bring peace, joy and happiness.

~Maureen W.

“I AM” The Creator: is one of the most well-written, clear, concise, books on spiritual development I’ve read in a long time. Author Steven Dieringer, combines his personal journey, which includes recovery from addiction, with practical spiritual insights. Great for students of spirituality and a must for anyone in the twelve-step program. ~Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Teacher and bestselling author: You’re Not Going Crazy….You’re Just Waking up

Steve’s introduction and teachings of meditation practices and techniques, has opened the door to a new way of life for me. The benefits have been priceless.
Forever grateful.

~Michael M.

Steve’s workshop was a godsend.


Steve’s guided meditation was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced.

~Mike O.