Steven Dieringer Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

Steven is an inspirational speaker, author, stress relief expert, and certified health coach. I guide busy people who are ready to let go of emotional pain, stress and self-destructive habits so you can reclaim your joy of living again.

As a survivor of a twenty-seven year drug addiction, he knows what it’s like to run on empty until eventually hitting rock bottom. He experienced homelessness for a brief period and was diagnosed as a third stage alcoholic, a state that is often considered fatal. Steven was also severely depressed, obese and had out-of-control diabetes and high blood pressure. He found himself in a spiritual and emotional wasteland. Until one day, Steven experienced a miraculous awakening and was able to turn his life and health around through meditation, prayer and by applying the truths of Christ consciousness as found in A Course in Miracles and the I AM principles. Steven now dedicates his life to guiding people to be pain-free, and to embrace the fullness and joy of life.

Contact me to schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Session. You will gain clarity about how to stop stressing and start living again.

His mission is to bring healing to souls that are suffering.

“Steven listens with intent, empathy and a whole heart.  He is accepting of wherever you are and is easy to connect with.  He provides various questions that bring the answers and desires bubbling up from within.  His ability to simplify and provide clarity are simply icing on the cake that compliment his other coaching skills.