What is the difference between aging and getting old?


Mindset. Period.

The body can do nothing without direction from the mind.
You cannot move your finger, pulse your heart, take a breath, or any bodily function without mind initializing it. The vast majority of these occur unconsciously, some however are at the conscious level.
We have culturally been led to believe an insidiously corrupt lie. One that says all of those things are just a part of getting old.

Do you believe that aging naturally includes disease, lessening of physical flexibility and strength, and a diminishing of mental abilities? If this is true, how is it that there are seventy and eighty year old people as strong and vibrantly active both mentally and physically as twenty and thirty year young people?
Here is the only law that you must understand at the level of complete knowing to experience a life of youthful vigor, excitement, enthusiasm, and passion for living, no matter what age you are. It is: As you believe, so it is done unto you.

Your mind is the most powerful thing in all of creation! It can do nothing but create. And it has no off switch. Your mind is creating always, and in all-ways. We have come to believe erroneously that things happen that cause us to believe a certain way. We have in fact, put the proverbial cart in front of the horse. We have confused cause and effect, believing that effects produce causes. This is impossible. All things emanate from cause, which produce effects. Mind is cause of everything. Initially you may not believe or fully understand this, however if you will, with open mind to the truth, come to know this is true all of the time. If your focus is on illness and getting old, that is what you will experience. If your focus is on living vibrantly, that will be your experience.

A caveat to this powerful truth is that we are all connected at the level of mind. Mind has no physical boundaries. Remember a time when you walked into a room with other people already there, and with no words being spoken, you knew instantly the mood of the room. Either one of anger or unpleasantness, or one of joyous reveling. That could only happen because your infinitely boundless mind is connected to all minds. The cause of that, is that there is no separation of minds. In effect there is only one mind having separate bodily experiences and expressions.
As a result even a mind that knows the truth of cause and effect in all things, knowing that it creates either total vibrant health or illness, can be susceptible to illness because of the fact that the greater proportion of mind has fallen asleep to truth and therefore has become infected with a particularly insidious virus that now believes it is normal to be sick and frail as it ages.

So, what to do? You must take the bull by the horns so to speak, and take full continuous control of your conscious mind in order to reprogram the subconscious mind to one of unfailing knowing that it cannot actually be ill. Consider this for a moment. Can something (your mind) that has no form, is not physical, be ill? No it cannot, there’s no-thing to be sick. It can however have an erroneous belief, which then transmutes to the body of form. Knowing that your mind controls your body always and in all-ways, you remember that you, being mind, not body and cannot be ill, also transmutes into the physical body and you, perhaps slowly begin the transformation to your natural state of perfect health and wellbeing.Tourist on mountain top. Sport and active lif

Another truth is that:

your body is designed perfectly.

It is designed first of all to not get sick or lose ability, and if it does, it is designed to heal itself by itself. Did you know your brain is capable of creating cancer curing drugs, pain relievers as powerful as morphine, and any other drug it needs to recover its natural state?

It can, it does however require your cooperation. Your cooperation is in taking care of it. Feeding it foods that aid the body in creating those drugs necessary to recover. i.e. real food, not packaged procced foods. Yep, fruits and vegetables.

Your body also needs rest. All of the other animals on this planet instinctively know this. When they are tired or ill they simply rest until restored to their natural state of pure health.

You also need to be physically active. This is the body’s way of inducting oxygen into it. Oxygen is the transportation vehicle that brings life and removes waste from the body.
How many of these areas are you participating in?

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