Are you worthy of a bliss-filled life? Depressive man is crying
Are you worthy of vibrant-perfect health?
Are you worthy of endless Love?
Are you worthy of abundance and prosperity?
Are you worthy of God’s trust?

Simply put; yes you are!

Yet we believe, either consciously or un-consciously that we are not, therefore we experience lives void of, or at a diminished level, bliss, perfect health, perfect love, abundance, joy, happiness, and inner peace. Or, for some of us, we may experience a high level of one area but lacking in another.

I challenge and invite you to ponder that it is possible and indeed your inheritance, therefore your right to experience total bliss-health-abundance-joy-happiness-inner peace, at the highest level, always- in al-ways!
Audacious to think? Yes, perhaps.

The truth however is that, that is the real “YOU.”

a58e4629-06fc-4ab2-92a4-03d3f03af9aaYou are the perfect and unbreakable Creation of the Perfect-Unbreakable Creator. You cannot create other than you are. Neither, can your Creator. You, being the creation of the Perfect Creator, can be nothing other than Perfection.

You once were fully and perfectly aware of this, thus you lived/experienced from this reality. It was only in the brief, insane thought emerging from the infinite gift of free will, to think what we will, that the creation (you-me-we-I-the one and only child of God) wondered what it would be like to be different than what it is, and the creation of that thought was born.

It was in that instant that the child of Creation fell into deep sleep, and began the illusion of what it is like to be other than what it is. Think, how when you sleep and are having a dream. The dream seems to be real. It is only upon awakening that you realize it was a dream. Either to your disappointment or to your great relief. However during the dream the illusion seemed to be more real than what is real, so you were experiencing that as reality.

Think also of a time when you believed a lie. You acted in thought, word, and action, in accordance to what you thought was true. We all have done this. What happened when you discovered the lie to be what it was, a lie? Actually nothing other than a shift in perception. The lie which never was real, and therefore could not exist was simply gone. Gone back to the nothingness from which it never came. It only purported to. It only seemed real.

This is the dream/illusion/lie you and I are having now. In the dream you and I can be deceived, however the Creator of Perfection, being Perfect, cannot be deceived. The One who created you Knows what you are, and has taken nothing away from you. What was given you in your creation is still yours, and will never be taken from you. Only in the dream of being different from what we truly are does it seem to be so.

In your creation you are Perfect. Perfection can only create as it is, and it cannot be changed. To believe so is insane. And could only be considered possible in a dream.

In this moment contemplate, can this be so? I so fervently invite you to do this. Simply allow yourself to open yourself to ask: is it possible this is only a dream? Remember dreams seem more real than reality as long as you are dreaming.

Your Source of being remembers what and who you are. Allow the Voice for your Source to speak to you. Be open to allowing this Voice to gently begin to bring you back to wakefulness, so you can remember what you are. Remember your Magnificence. Remember your Perfect Wholeness. In this you will remember bliss, perfect health, joy, happiness, abundance, prosperity, and unshakable peace of mind.

In this you will remember and accept the truth that you are worthy. Not because of anything you do, rather because of what you are. You and I have only one problem. It is that we have forgotten what we are. To remember is to wake up. Are you ready to awaken? happy summer