This video will help you escape the incessant voice in your head that keeps you stressed out. When you can do that you are able to access the creative part of you and improve your life.
Essentially all meditation is about evolving your states, or levels of consciousness to a higher level of awareness.
My aim and desire is to produce videos that will help you to achieve that.
I do this through the use of visual clips that are trance inducing to aid in stilling your mind, which is the doorway to evolving states of consciousness.
I also use very powerful binaural beats that shift you into altered brainwave states that allow you to reach your desired meditative state. (Headphones are highly recommended for the most powerful effects of binaural beats.)
Finally I add in relaxing musical tracks to further enhance your meditation.

Please let me know what specific goals you are trying to reach through meditation so that I may design tracks to fill your specific desired goal.

For example: What are you looking for
A) stress relief
B) relaxation (sleep aid)
C) conscious contact with highest self (God/source)
D) increased concentration
E) or something else
Thanks for your time, I hope I am able to serve you in improving the quality of your life!
I encourage you to comment so that I may best serve you.