God's Saving Hand reaching for the faithfulIs God Love?

Is there a power greater than God?

Is it God’s will that you be separate from Him?

Is it God’s will that you be different than how He made you?

If you can in stillness ask these questions, you will find your way home to truth. To peace. To your magnificence.

Most agree God is love, and most agree there is no power stronger than God in all creation. Remember this when you ask, is it God’s will for you to be separate from Him. If God is indeed love then it is inconceivable to think He would wish for His creation to be separate from Him.

If it His will for you to forever be with Him, and there is no power Greater than Him, then how is it possible for you to now be separate from Him? It is not possible.

If God being love, with no power above Him, and it is His wish for you to for all eternity to remain as He made you, it is also impossible for you to now be different than how you were made. You are made in His image, and are still just as you were made.

For you to have changed from this state of being, and to have become separated from your source of life, it either has to have been His will for it to be, or there is a power more powerful than God. Ponder this in silence and ask, “Is it true?”

Awaken and be filled with joyous remembrance. This is your homecoming. A homecoming in realization you have never left, and can never leave. You are now and for all eternity in Heaven. The garden still exists and you are in it.

You have only the power to believe otherwise, and in forgetting what you are, you have done so. In forgetting what you are, the lie came rushing in and convinced you, you are separate from your Creator and you are no longer as you were created. You have been living in illusion and as with all illusions, lies, they seem to be truth until you discover they aren’t.

Nothing can ever change you being the same as God made you. Nothing can separate you from God. When I embarked on resurrecting my physical health, and began in meditation to affirm “I am well” I eventually discovered the mind must produce evidence in the physical to support the beliefs of the inner being, in order to have the belief. Without having physical proof you will not believe. The caveat to this is it has nothing to do with truth. If you believe in lies you will manifest evidence to support your belief just as surely as believing what is true.

We find what we are looking for, whether it is truth or illusion does not matter.

To a man dying of thirst, lost in a desert, he will manufacture an oasis of life giving water, and change course to go after it, only to eventually discover it was a lie all along.

To one who believes they are broken and sinful in nature, separated from God, evidence will be manufactured to support this lie, just as surely as will proof of this impossibility be made known to one who asks in silence of the One who made him, for the truth to be made known to him.light in hands - pray the crucifix in darkness

Ask, “Can I be changed from how You made me?” “Can I become separate from You?”