Whether you think you can do a thing or can’t, either way your right. ~ Henry Ford

In the wildly differing qualities of life I have experienced, I know the truth of this statement. If I say I can or cannot, if I say I am limited or am limitless, what I am in effect establishing are the boundaries of my universe. In these statements are revealed my beliefs, and it is my belief, not truth that determines what is possible.
In truth, what God is: I Am the truth – All things are possible. Yet I can deny truth by simply stating it to be other than what it is. This is the power that is in me.

I used to have, and would love to have it again, a Garfield comic poster showing Odie (the dog) sitting joyously in a tree, oblivious to the fact that dogs do not climb trees, and Garfield sitting on the ground looking up at him with a thoroughly disgusted look on his face. The caption for this poster read;

“It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t know you can’t do it!”

This summarized my childhood and youth. I accomplished things kids my age didn’t think of doing, all because I had no conception of not being able to do them.
At the age of ten I started saving to travel five thousand miles to visit people in England I barely knew. At the age of twelve I did it!
In adulthood my beliefs shifted to the opposite end of the spectrum and consequently, until recent years accomplished nothing, zero, zip, nada! Both realities were due to one thing, BELIEF!Woman Successful Disabled

>If you are experiencing a life of limit, release yourself from the straight jacket of limiting beliefs, and revel in the truth of unbounded limitlessness. The truth of which you are.

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Thanks, and peace.

Choose Love ~ Jesse Lewis

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