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I am joyous to announce the release of my first book: “I AM” The Creator. Available in hardback, paperback and e-book at Hay House Balboa Press, as well as on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

At this very moment you are creating your life. You always have and always will. You cannot change this, it is how you were created. Through simple, yet very profound shifts of inner dialog you will begin to create the life you desire.

No matter who you are—and regardless of the state of your life—if you are still breathing you can discover a life of purpose, passion, and joy.

Today you can begin the journey of discovering the authentic you and realize your magnificence.

From back of book:

Honorable Judge Mondelli: “Mr Dieringer, I’m giving you the option of eleven months twenty-nine days in jail or treatment.”

Steve: “I choose treatment.”

My thought as I stood in baffled shock in front of the judge was, “How has my once so promising life come to this?” My life of incredible accomplishment had disintegrated into a desolate wasteland to the point of near death. Over the course of twenty-seven years, I continued to accept lower lows, and descended into the abysmal state I called life.

While meditating I simply ceased to exist as a separate entity or being of form. I was love. I was aware of love-that there was no love outside of me and then starting again inside of me. It was continuos, and I was simply part of it. It is just indescribable really. It, and I, were one. I believe that’s Heaven. I believe it’s here always. It is never not here. In this temporal world we are unaware of it.

Meditate-SD-3D (1)Meditate: Integrating Ancient Technology With The Modern Western Mind To Produce A Life Of Purpose, Passion, Abundance, And Optimal Health

This book has three purposes. To demystify what meditation is and isn’t. To clarify why you want to meditate. And to provide several techniques for entering into the state of stillness. It is intentionally written using western terminology in order to make it palatable to the Western mind, thereby removing at least one block I have found to be prevalent in keeping many from embracing this powerful practice.