Have you ever thought about thoughts?
Thinking Child
For instance;
What is a thought?

A thought is an expression and extension of the mind that has it. Therefore it is like the mind that has the thought. Said another way, it reflects the mind from which the thought originates.

Can a thought change?

No. Every thought that is ever had stays exactly as it is in the moment that it was thought. Don’t confuse a new thought that countermands a previous thought, with changing a thought.

You may meet someone and initially think, “I don’t like her,” and after a while of getting to know her you may decide that you do like her. That process is not changing a thought, it is having a new thought that is the opposite of the first thought. Both thoughts are exactly as they were when they were thought, and cannot change. You may have had some thoughts you wish you never had, and replace them with new, more pleasing thoughts, however the original thought is still as it is.

Where do thoughts go?

Nowhere. We have sixty to eighty thousand thoughts a day, but remember relatively few of them. That does not mean that they went away. You have probably experienced a time when someone said something or you encountered a situation that stirred your memory and you said to yourself, “ I remember thinking that very thing years ago.” That is proof that that particular thought has gone nowhere, as is true for every thought you have ever had.
Under the proper conditions we could bring back to the conscious mind every thought we have ever had. Until then they reside in the realm of unconscious mind.

Can you perceive of, or conceive of anything that is not in your mind?

No. It is simply impossible for you do so. You may have never previously at the conscious level conceived of or perceived a thing, however it must be existing in the subconscious, or what I call the Superconscious Mind waiting to be brought into the awakened state of conscious mind in order for it to be conceived and perceived.

Where is all of this leading?

This is the most critical question you will ever ask yourself.

Am I a thought of God?

By whatever name you identify the Source of all that is your answer to that determines the quality of every experience you have in this human experience.

If you answer; yes I am a thought of God, and indeed you are, consider then the following sequence.
If I am a thought of God I am an extension of God, expressing God. I am like God, because I reflect God. No matter what I now believe, no matter the quality of thought I have had that countermands the first thought, I still am as I was first thought, because thoughts cannot change themselves.

I also must still be in the mind of God, since a thought cannot leave the mind that has it. And what can the mind of God be other than Heaven?

As Jesus states in the Course In Miracles; we have only one problem. We have forgotten what we are. We have fallen asleep and are having a dream. For most, a very bad one. In the dream we believe we have changed what we are, and where we are. This is the source of all of our “seeming” problems.

If you will take the time to truly ponder these questions, to meditate on them, you will come to a most joyous conclusion.

You are still a Divine and Holy (whole-complete lacking no-thing) thought, or being, still in the Mind of God or Heaven, totally safe, for in the Mind of God there is no opposite, therefore no-thing to harm or attack you.
Give yourself the most wonderful gift you can ever give to yourself while in this human dream. Choose again your thoughts. Choose to awaken from the dream and live in Peace. It’s all you’ve ever wanted, and there is nothing except your beliefs which are formed by your thoughts that is keeping you from “knowing” bliss on Earth.

Namaste dear friend.